Help us raise $500,000 to support 20 Climate groups

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We help progressive causes level up their email and SMS programs so they can grow and raise more money.

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Groups are strapped for resources

This means their email and SMS programs have to punch dramatically above their weight to fill in the gaps.

And even though these channels vastly outperform all other advocacy and fundraising options, many groups don’t see results because they’re still buying ROI-negative leads or lack the expertise to run the nuanced programs they need.

Are you...

Looking to fund an issue area but not sure which approach will have the biggest impact?
Interested in seeing measurable results from your gifts?
Are you interested in seeing measurable results from your gifts?


Force multiplier: Why funding email and SMS programs is the right strategy

In short, the better a group can use these channels, the more money they’ll raise and the more impact they’ll have.

That’s why we provide grantees with 30,000 new opt-in supporters, two full days of in-person training, plus ongoing support from the best digital practitioners in the industry, free of charge.

And compared to generalized “communications grants”, our specific approach to optimizing email and SMS for ROI is a much better use of funder resources.

Our free opt-ins alone can help a well-run email program raise an extra $30k-$80k in a year.


How much some groups are overpaying for email & SMS opt-ins on Facebook.


The discount on high-quality opt-ins offered to our foundation.


Increase in fundraising ROI from the opt-ins we provide vs other sources.

Causes we’re helping

The Civic Shout Foundation operates ten funds — each supporting groups focused on a different progressive issue.

We’re always fundraising for them, but because extreme summer weather is right around the corner, we’re making a push to raise $500k to support 20 Climate groups via our Climate and the Environment fund. Can you help out?

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For every $25,000 we raise, one nonprofit will receive:

Substantial free list growth

Grantees will receive 30,000 new email opt-ins, of which, about 6,000 will also join their SMS lists.

And since many groups are still overpaying by up to 13X for Facebook leads at $3-10 each, we’ve partnered with the Civic Shout acquisition platform to provide more responsive leads at just $0.75 each—a 40% discount from their base rate.

They’re trusted by over 200 nonprofits and counting...

Expert-led digital skills training

Two members from each grantee’s digital staff will be provided with free tickets, travel, and accommodation to attend Amplify, our annual two-day in-person training event.

Our expert consultants will also review their email and SMS program’s strategy, content, and metrics—leading to a data-driven plan that will increase their fundraising and advocacy capacity.

Training highlights may include:

  • Program review coupled with a custom plan for improvement
  • Metrics alignment and how to hit goals every month
  • Persuasive copywriting, segmentation, and deliverability workshops
  • Best practices for using email and SMS together
  • How to run proper A/B tests
  • Acquisition strategies for positive ROI
  • Ethical email and SMS best practices

Ongoing support

Members of our grantees’ email and SMS teams will also receive immediate access to our invite-only Slack group and invites to regular office hours, where they’ll have direct access to trainers and other grantees.

Efficiency matters

Some groups that receive generalized “comms grants” are paying $90k-$300k (way more than they need to) for 30,000 email opt-ins simply because overpriced Facebook ads are still “How it’s done”.

That’s why, instead, we use a specialized list-growth provider that generates the same number of opt-ins, at higher quality, for just $22,500—boosting your donation’s buying power.

With your help, groups can do more

Your tax-deductible gift will provide nonprofits in issue areas of your choosing with more than just “fish”, but critically, the training to “fish better”.

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