Help us raise $500,000 to support 20 Climate groups

For Funders

Generous support from partners like you makes our work possible.

We operate ten funds that support 501(c)(3) nonprofits focused on different progressive issue areas.

$25k provides one cause with 30,000 opt-in email subscribers, regular consultation to optimize their email and SMS programs, plus free tickets, travel, and accommodation to Amplify, our annual two-day in-person training event.

A contribution of $500k, for instance, would help 20 groups from an issue area of your choosing generate additional revenue and reach supporters for less cost than they’re used to—compounding the power of your donation.

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Funds that we operate

You can make a dent in the universe by going big in one issue area or by spreading your gift across multiple funds.

We raise for all of our funds year-round, and because extreme summer weather is right around the corner, Climate and the Environment is this quarter’s “focus fund”. Grab the “Climate” 1-pager to learn more.

Climate and the Environment

Climate change is an existential threat to humanity, and many communities in the United States and around the globe are being poisoned by industrial pollution.

From groups fighting climate change and advocating for clean energy to those working toward sustainable agriculture and healthy food systems, this fund supports nonprofits working to protect the environment and fight climate change.


Our democracy is under attack from foreign and domestic actors. From groups pushing back on disinformation campaigns to those defending our right to vote, this fund supports nonprofits working to protect and secure our democracy.

Economic Justice and Worker’s Rights

Economic inequality is a scourge on our society that causes immense suffering and injustice. This fund supports nonprofits fighting to protect and expand workers’ rights, stand up to corporate interests and ensure economic justice for all.

Gun Control

Gun violence is tearing communities apart. This fund supports nonprofits working to reduce access to guns, hold gun manufacturers accountable and otherwise advance gun violence prevention solutions.


Despite advances made under the Affordable Care Act, high-quality health care remains out of reach for far too many Americans.

At the same time, some politicians are intent on attacking the ACA, Medicare and Medicaid, further undermining our access to care. This fund supports nonprofits working to expand and improve health care access.

Immigrant Rights

Immigrants in the United States continue to face discrimination and hardships. From pushing back against discriminatory policies to securing a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, this fund supports nonprofits fighting for dignity and rights for immigrant communities.

LGBTQ+ Equality

While we’ve made immense progress in recent decades, LGBTQ+ rights remain under attack. This fund supports nonprofits working for full equality for the LGBTQ community.

Peace and Foreign Policy

From Ukraine to the Middle East, armed conflicts are raging around the globe. This fund supports nonprofits providing support to people in war-torn regions and working for peace and diplomacy.

Racial Justice

From unequal treatment by police to discrimination in housing and the workplace, racism remains rampant in the United States. This fund supports nonprofits fighting back against racial injustice and working toward equity.

Reproductive Rights and Gender Justice

Reproductive rights are under attack in the United States and around the globe, and despite some progress, we still have not achieved gender justice. This fund supports nonprofits fighting for reproductive rights and equal rights for everyone regardless of gender.